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The primary objective of these pages is to present as many years of Athens-to-Atlanta results as possible in a consistent format, and to compile some statististical summaries based on this information. For example, using these pages you can now see the results for all of your years of participation in any Athens-to-Atlanta event collected together on a single page.


These results pages are generated from an Access database which contains individual entries for all skaters in all events. Each detailed record contains information such as skater name, event distance, finishing time, city and state (or country), team name, etc. This information is processed by a program which generates all of the required HTML pages automatically. These pages are then published to the web server for viewing.

While the majority of these pages are rendered in static HTML, the individual detail pages for each skater are generated on-the-fly by an ASP script. A program running on the web server uses the Access database to extract and compile information for one specific skater, and then renders it in HTML for viewing.


Every reasonable attempt has been made to keep these results consistent with the historical results reported for each year. However, due to the large quantity of information, it is possible, even likely that there are errors! If you are aware of any, we would appreciate hearing from you via email to webmaster@a2a.net.

Time Reporting

Recording techniques have varied over the years of A2A. In the most recent years, finishing times have been reported to the second. In earlier years, times were sometimes reported in minutes. In at least one year, some of the top finisher's times were reported to the hundredth of a second. In some cases, times were originally recorded with a greater precision that that which appeared on the printed results. In all cases, the finishing times reported on these pages should be identical to those that were reported in the official results for each year.

Finishing Placement and Ties

Since 1991, reported results have included annotations for tied skaters. Ties are determined as follows:

Prior to 1991, results were typically not reported to the same precision as which they were recorded. Therefore, skaters will appear in the results with identical finishing times, but will have consecutive placement numbers and will not be annotated as ties. These skaters crossed the finish line in the order shown, though the exact difference in their finishing times cannot be determined from the reported results.

Divisional Results

For most years, divisions are broken by gender and age grouping. However, at least one year has divisions that are also broken down by type-of-skate (i.e. conventional vs. in-line). In some of the earliest years, skaters were not divided into divisions by age.

Skater Summaries and Detail Pages

These pages attempt to collect each skater's results for all years they have participated in A2A. Skater results have been matched across years based on the skater's name and their city and state of residence (or city and country if foreign). However, skaters move from year-to-year, and names are not always provided in the exact same way (or sometimes they change when skaters get married!). We have attempted to review these results and match results across years in spite of these issues. In general, a skater's results will be summarized under their most recent name and place of residence. Should you be aware of any matching errors, please notify us via email to webmaster@a2a.net.

DuraSkater Ranking

This ranking of all A2A finishers helps you identify those who keep skating, and skating, and skating... (Sorry, but this ranking includes only full and half-distance skaters - it does not include biathlon miles.) All skaters are ranked by the total miles in all completed full or half-distance A2A skating events. When two or more skaters have the same total mileage, they are ranked by the average speed for all of those miles. The overall ranking compares skaters without regard to gender, while additional rankings are also computed for men and women.

Endurance Ranking

This ranking (new for 2001) is similar to the DuraSkater Ranking, but orders the skaters by the total time skating, rather than distance. These are the folks that really know how to make a good thing last!

Age Statistics

This ranking (added in 2002) summarizes data across all years of Athens-to-Atlanta, and categorizes it by participant's age. The statistics shown include the number of entrants, number of finishers, and the average speed for both full and half-distance events.

Missing Information

There is additional information we intend to add to these pages. Specifically, the earliest years of A2A (1982-1985) have not yet been incorporated into the database results. This is due, in part, to the fact that the results information we have for these years is not complete. If you (or anyone you know) can provide us with any information for these years, please contact us at webmaster@a2a.net. We are especially interested in finishing times for the 1982 and 1985 events.

Ongoing Development

It's been a number of years since we've added any new statistics to these pages, and at the present time there's nothing new in the works. However, please let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions.

Results Contents Page
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