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Athens-to-Atlanta Records
Distance Women Men
Full Distance (84 to 89 miles)
2007 04:41:40 Charbonneau, Martine (29) 18.53 2000 04:19:24 Perthuis, Benoit (26) 20.17
Double Marathon (48 to 54 miles)
2021 03:06:00 Wright, Jessica (43) 15.81 2021 02:33:51 Anderson, Mathew (32) 19.11
Half Distance (38 to 42 miles)
2000 02:07:57 Rice, Debbie (32) 17.96 2002 01:56:56 Gorman, Jonathan (Jono) (15) 19.65

Top Finishers - Full Distance (84 to 89 miles)
20238605:22:40Gabriel, Karin (41)16.038605:03:54Ramirez, Francisco (46)17.02
20228905:15:26Gabriel, Karin (40)16.958905:02:43Ramirez, Francisco (45)17.66
20198805:01:03Gabriel, Karin (37)17.508804:34:46Kuwada, Ken (26)
Ramirez, Francisco (42)
20188704:57:51Ayala, Vanessa (27)17.538704:36:40Kuwada, Ken (25)18.87
20178706:11:14Spirovska, Sandra (27)14.068704:53:35Matzger, Eddy (50)17.78
20168705:27:34Gaudesaboos, Sabrina (27)15.948704:43:42Matzger, Eddy (49)18.40
20158705:11:11Turek, Marcy (44)16.778704:34:40Matzger, Eddy (48)19.00
20148705:32:51Turek, Marcy (43)15.688704:36:38Detwiler, Thomas (35)18.87
20138705:33:20Wright, Jessica (35)15.738704:49:25Sierra, Mauricio Garcia (22)18.12
20128705:22:53Turek, Marcy (41)16.178704:43:49Paul, Jarrett (25)18.39
20118705:05:17Turek, Marcy (40)17.108704:38:11Detwiler, Thomas (32)18.76
20108705:22:09Gabriel, Karin (28)16.208705:04:44Matzger, Eddy (44)17.13
20098905:15:46Turek, Marcy (38)16.998904:58:22Mejia, Luis Carlos (48)17.98
20088704:53:28Charbonneau, Martine (30)17.798704:32:01Starykowicz, Peter (22)19.19
20078704:41:40Charbonneau, Martine (29)18.538704:30:56Arndt, Aaron Richard (27)19.27
20068705:23:08O'Connor, Erica (24)16.158704:50:08Guenci, Mauro (40)17.99
20048705:27:52Perkins, Kim (37)15.928704:53:40Matzger, Eddy (37)17.78
20038705:09:12Perkins, Kimberley (36)16.888704:42:01Matzger, Eddy (36)18.51
20028705:00:25Moore, Kimberley (35)17.428704:22:56Matzger, Eddy (35)19.90
20018705:03:40Shechter, Naomi (35)17.238704:29:27Matzger, Eddy (34)19.42
20008704:53:07Hartman, Barrie (35)17.858704:19:24Perthuis, Benoit (26)20.17
19998605:32:07Diamantopoulos-Baruch, Nikki (28)15.548604:33:58Loy, Tristan (26)18.83
19988604:57:52Hartman, Barrie (33)17.328604:35:46Keiser, Christopher (29)18.71
19978604:56:59Gurry, Tara (30)17.378604:21:13.38Oosten, Marcel (27)19.75
19968605:08:57Hartman, Barrie (31)16.708604:25:25Matzger, Eddy (29)19.44
19958505:26:42McCown, Kelly (32)15.618504:35:02Webster, Jonathan (20)18.54
19948505:29:57Laufer, Heather (?)15.468504:44:58Matzger, Eddy (?)17.90
19938505:41:48Larocque, Dominique (?)14.928504:36:49Glass, Doug (?)18.42
19928506:16:40Kesting, Tammy (27)13.548505:02:36Matzger, Eddy (25)16.85
19918505:32:54Verhoef, Karin (28)15.328504:28:14Bouma, Haico (21)19.01
19908405:46:06Edwards, Karen (30)14.568404:35:57Matzger, Eddy (23)18.26
19898506:55:25Hayford, Diane (30)12.288504:46:15Cooper, David (30)17.82
19888505:45:00Edwards, Karen (29)14.788505:15:00Brockmann, Uwe (24)16.19
19878510:14:00Norelli, Ann (?)8.318505:39:00Brockmann, Uwe (?)15.04
19868512:03:32Phillips, Janice (?)7.058506:11:33Bell, Dennis (?)13.73

Top Finishers - Double Marathon (48 to 54 miles)
20234803:40:00Bedrosian, Brandi (39)13.014803:04:56Pantelakis, Michael (33)15.48
20224904:58:17Goldstein, Hava (28)9.864903:39:50Bugg, Parker (36)13.37
20214903:06:00Wright, Jessica (43)15.814902:33:51Anderson, Mathew (32)19.11
20194903:15:49Zuver, Anna (25)15.084903:12:56Wood, Ted (31)15.30
20184904:36:32White, Amy-Catherine (40)10.634903:01:55Pantelakis, Mike (28)16.16
20174904:09:07Sievert, Molly (32)11.804903:40:38Pantelakis, Mike (27)13.33
20164903:29:03White, Deborah (45)14.064903:08:39Bratton, Sean (43)15.58
20154904:58:05Sadlier, Ginger (35)9.864903:03:05Stout, Mike (42)16.06
20144903:17:34Jackson, Susan (50)14.884903:17:34Van Duyne, Alexander (55)14.88
20134904:08:22Parsons, Chelsea Summer (18)
Bartek-Rowland, Terri (39)
11.844903:26:24Bringslid, Jeffry (20)14.24
201205203:33:31Pantelakis, Mike (22)14.61
20115204:23:48Myers, Lisa (41)11.835204:19:50Hooker, Allan (56)12.01
20105203:54:11Ayala, Vanessa (19)13.325203:24:14Chen, Johnny (41)
Charbonneau, John (50)
20095404:00:58Reinisch, Eva (27)13.455403:42:35Gayle, Herb (48)14.56
20085204:22:46Walters, Cindy (50)
Brown-Herbst, Kari (46)
11.875203:32:55Clare, Robert (49)14.65
20075203:34:26Deno, Christina (29)14.555203:20:30Arceneaux, Steven (28)15.56
20065203:19:01Escobar, Melissa (18)15.685203:06:49McCalpin, Daniel (18)16.70
20045203:19:09Eldridge, Stacey (33)15.675203:10:37Grabinski, Rodney (38)16.37
20035203:43:23Mitchell, Lillian (13)13.975202:49:31Gorman, Jonathan (Jono) (16)18.41

Top Finishers - Half Distance (38 to 42 miles)
20233803:23:10Grigg, Naomi (44)11.343802:26:02Garcia, Demys (45)15.78
20223803:23:05Chen, Sophia (10)
Lai, Erica (13)
11.233802:06:39Holland, Graeme (18)18.00
20193902:16:58O'Donnell, Lauren (14)16.913902:04:48Knecht, Scott (48)18.56
20183802:36:09Wong, Candy (42)14.603802:17:47Knecht, Scott (47)16.55
20173802:27:47Wright, Jessica (39)15.433802:12:00Guzman, Jesus (23)17.27
20163802:23:36Wong, Candy (40)15.883802:22:43Trosen, Tavis (35)15.98
20153803:05:14Price, Margaret (46)12.313802:16:21Tilley, Brian (34)16.72
20143802:20:52Adkins, Rachel (30)16.193802:20:49Chen, Johnny (45)16.19
20133802:22:44Langlais, Manon (33)16.143802:10:57Fortner, Michael (41)17.59
20123802:20:01Jackson, Susan (48)16.283802:16:22Van Duyne, Alexander (53)
Oswald, Brian (37)
20113802:10:57Wong, Candy (35)17.413802:03:32Pantelakis, Mike (21)18.46
20103802:15:43Wong, Candy (34)16.803802:15:17Clare, Robert (51)16.85
20093803:45:37Chryst, Shelley (43)10.113802:08:49Martin, Dillon (15)17.70
20083802:35:33Helman, Kelsey (12)14.663802:29:56Flores, Jesse (40)15.21
20073802:32:08Hartley, Melanie (28)14.993802:02:37Sutter, Shaunacy (19)18.59
20063802:52:17Brown-Herbst, Kari (44)13.233802:13:18Marcosson, Alan (56)17.10
20043802:38:19Ayala, Vanessa (13)14.403802:18:04Mackowski, Chris (31)16.51
20033802:23:48Eldridge, Stacey (31)15.863802:09:13Grabinski, Rodney (37)17.64
20023802:11:34Harrison, Lisa (30)17.473801:56:56Gorman, Jonathan (Jono) (15)19.65
20013802:21:45Lindsey, Michelle (30)16.213802:07:19Ramkissoon, Nikko (30)18.05
20003802:07:57Rice, Debbie (32)17.963802:03:37Harris, Michael (40)18.59
19993802:32:57Heagerty, Vicki (41)14.913802:17:13Grabinski, Rodney (33)16.62
19983802:26:12Beasley, Casey (31)15.603802:08:24Walker, Norman (28)17.76
19973802:16:18Beasley, Casey (30)16.733802:05:40Pino, Leo (29)18.14
19963802:15:56Salafatinos, Katina (39)16.773802:01:20Ramkissoon, Nikko (25)18.79
19953802:21:38Morrill, Amy (16)16.103802:08:21McDonough, Brian (19)17.76
19943802:35:32Bila, Theresa (?)14.663802:11:28Ramkissoon, Nikko (?)17.34
19933802:35:11Anthony, Linda (?)14.693802:18:16Herriman, Robert (?)16.49
19924002:50:52Salafatinos, Katina (35)14.054002:32:21Evans, Gene (25)15.75
19914002:59:14San, Margo Su (30)13.394002:22:00Cottrell, Britton (32)16.90
19904003:07:00Koizumi, Constance (53)12.834002:38:00Lowrie, Ron (35)15.19
19894202:51:00Edwards, Karen (29)14.744202:50:42Caspall, Jayme (25)14.76
19884204:17:00Fox, Tara (9)9.814203:40:00McCall, George II (24)11.45
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  • Click on any skater's name to see a detailed list of all years in which they participated in any event.
  • The times and skaters shown above represent the first-place overall female and male finishers for their respective events. If multiple skaters are listed, they finished in a first-place tie.
  • Ages are shown following the skater's names. When a question mark appears, this indicates that ages were not recorded in that year. You may wish to review the detailed results for that year's event to see which age division that skater was entered in.
  • Since the course route and length changes from year-to-year due to road construction, traffic pattern changes or other reasons, the best overall course record for each event (highlighted) is determined by the skater's average speed over the entire course, rather than the absolute finishing time for slightly different distances.
  • The Top Finisher tables reflect skaters only, and do not account for any biathlon (skating and cycling) participants.

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