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Thank You To Our 2021 Sponsors!

49-mile Dacula-to-Atlanta presented by

16-mile CP5-to-Atlanta presented by

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Skaters come from all over the world to participate in the famous Athens to Atlanta Road Skate! An 87-mile adventure skating through rural Georgia, rolling suburbia and into metropolitan Atlanta. Two additional distances (38 and 49 mile) ensure there’s a course for all level skaters, from first timers to seasoned speed skaters.

In it’s 39th year, though we are only able to hold the 49-mile road skate (and a new 16-mile road skate), A2A still has massive costs associated with insurance, police, and other must-have logistics. A2A wouldn’t be the 3-day event it is without the support and generosity of our sponsor family. Package rates start as low as $150 and reach hundreds of participants, volunteers, and supporters within the skating community. To learn more, discuss options, or sign up, please contact our Sponsorship & Marketing Team: