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1992 Half Distance - Overall
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11th Annual Athens to Atlanta Road Skate
Sunday, October 4, 1992

Sponsored by: Hyper, Riedell, Ultra-Wheels, Bauer
Produced by: Henry and Valerie Zuver

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[ AllGenderDivision ]
PlaceTimeRace#Last, First NameDivAgeClub/TeamCity,State/CountryMPH
1.02:32:211014Evans, GeneM•18:2925AtLanta Peachtree RoadRollersAugusta, GA15.75
2.02:37:581037Moyer, JerryM•30:3931Washington Area RollerskatersArlington, VA15.19
3.02:42:101035Mitchell, IanM•18:2922 Orono, ME14.80
4.02:42:291056Herriman, RobertM•30:3931 RoyaL Oak, MI14.77
5.02:43:221016Gast, JohnM•18:2926Team Triad/SK8-TEXGrand Prairie, TX14.69
6.02:50:301054Best, ShaneM•18:2920 KnoxviLLe, TN14.08
7.02:50:521042Salafatinos, KatinaF•30:3935Orange Cycle WorksApopka, FL14.05
8.02:50:521043Sherratt, HeidiF•18:2922AtLanta Peachtree RoadRollersAtLanta, GA14.05
9.02:58:001053Hughey, BradM•30:3931Indy Inline Skate ClubCarmel, IN13.48
10.03:07:421025Kaplan, DavidM•30:3939 Cary, NC12.79
11.03:08:461055Chadwell, StevenM•18:2920 KnoxviLLe, TN12.71
12.03:09:091010Brown, RussellM•30:3932AtLanta Peachtree RoadRollersLawrenceville, GA12.69
13.03:10:121015Finn, TomM•30:3930New York Road Skaters Assn.Hackettstown, NJ12.62
14.03:10:271064Baggett, MickeyM•30:3936Atlanta Peachtree RoadRollersDouglasville, GA12.60
15.03:14:171026Keating, MarkM•18:2926Team Hans & FranzWheaton, IL12.35
16.03:29:081012Couperus, KennethM•18:2926Team Hans & FranzElgin, IL11.48
17.03:29:091040Preetorius, LeeF•30:3938Atlanta Peachtree RoadRollersAtlanta, GA11.48
18.03:40:001028Krauss-Hooker, AllanM•30:3937 Atlantic Beach, FL10.91
19.03:56:041019Hubbard, TracyM•13:1714 Sylvania, GA10.17
20.03:56:301009Brown, JoeM•40:4943 AtLanta, GA10.15
21.03:57:141038Parker, GeraldM•40:4946 Georgetown, KY10.12
22.04:00:521021Hurte, SaraF•40:4945 Smyrna, GA9.96
23.04:00:531034McIntire, KimsterM•40:4949Smyrna BLadesSmyrna, GA9.96
 DNF1011Cason, TravisM•18:2920AtLanta Peachtree RoadRollersAugusta, GA0.00
 DNF1071Gates, CharlieF•18:2928AtLanta Peachtree RoadRollersAtlanta, GA0.00
 DNF1017Gibbs, BlakeM•01:1212Fly By NightDougtasvitte, GA0.00
 DNF1060Joe, WonM•30:3939 KnoxviLLe, TN0.00
 DNF1029Lampp, DavidM•30:3937AtLanta Peachtree RoadRollersSmyrna, GA0.00
 DNF1031Lewis, MarkM•18:2928 Germantown, MD0.00
 DNF1039Pinson, CharleneF•30:3930Over the Hill and on a RollJacksonviLLe, FL0.00
 DNS1052Acas, JeromeM•18:2927 Fayetteville, NC0.00
 DNS1002Allison, ElizabethF•30:3932 Bryson City, NC0.00
 DNS1003Bane, MichaelM•40:4942 Tampa, FL0.00
 DNS1004Barnett, MargaretF•18:2925 Clearwater, FL0.00
 DNS1005Becker, ShawnM•18:2925 Tucker, GA0.00
 DNS1006Birdwell, DonM•40:4940 Brentwood, TN0.00
 DNS1007Boswell, MichelleF•30:3932Atlanta Peachtree RoadRollersMarietta, GA0.00
 DNS1008Britt, ByrdF•30:3931Atlanta Peachtree RoadRollersAtlanta, GA0.00
 DNS1013Dombrowski, LeslieF•18:2922 Tampa, FL0.00
 DNS1018Groner, BetsyF•40:4943 JacksonviLLe, FL0.00
 DNS1063Hege, SusanF•18:2926 Lewisville, NC0.00
 DNS1062Holzworth, GrantM•30:3934Charlotte BladerollerzSpartanburg, SC0.00
 DNS1020Huggins, TonyM•18:2929Imagination StationDurham, NC0.00
 DNS1022Jackson, DeniseF•30:3931 Tampa, FL0.00
 DNS1023Jackson, RandyM•18:2921 Suwanee, GA0.00
 DNS1024Jamison, LisaF•30:3930 Tampa, FL0.00

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