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2008 Double Marathon - Overall
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27th Annual Athens to Atlanta Road Skate
Sunday, October 5, 2008

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[ AllGenderDivision ]
PlaceTimeRace#Last, First NameDivAgeClub/TeamCity,State/CountryMPH
1.03:32:55136Clare, RobertM•40:4949RoadRash (Nashville, TN)Virginia Beach, VA14.65
2.03:32:57160Gayle, HerbM•40:4947Team Aloe UpToronto, Canada14.65
3.03:34:14147Chen, JohnnyM•30:3939Texas Flyers (Dallas, TX)Plano, TX14.56
4.03:35:1198Opperman, ChuckM•40:4941APRR (Atlanta, GA)Atlanta, GA14.50
5.03:38:12112Ford, MattM•18:2925Red ConfusionBirmingham, AL14.30
6.03:40:22102Seaman, VincentM•50:5951 Hamilton Parish, Bermuda14.16
7.03:42:38119Ratigan, KevinM•50:5957Central Florida SpeedOrlando, FL14.01
8.03:44:4597Horn, JustinM•18:2920Red ConfusionCropwell, AL13.88
9.03:53:02113Kimbrell, BrandonM•13:1715Red ConfusionBirmingham, AL13.39
10.03:53:23100McDonald, WilliamM•13:1716Red ConfusionBirmingham, AL13.37
11.03:53:29109Sosnowchik, JeffM•18:2922Red ConfusionBirmingham, AL13.36
12.04:03:39158Kozloski, BenM•18:2927 Clifton Park, NY12.81
13.04:21:13128Morgan, JayM•40:4940APRR (Atlanta, GA)Atlanta, GA11.94
14.04:22:4651Herbst, GlennM•50:5954 Eagle River, WI11.87
14t04:22:4647Brown-Herbst, KariF•40:4946 Eagle River, WI11.87
14t04:22:46156Walters, CindyF•50:5950 Fifield, WI11.87
17.04:28:4837Beyer-Gillen, MichelleF•30:3935Team BuckwheatPittsburgh, PA11.61
18.04:28:4836Gillen, ThomasM•40:4946Team BuckwheatPittsburgh, PA11.61
19.04:28:4995Sinnamohideen, ShafeeqM•18:2929Team BuckwheatPittsburgh, PA11.61
20.04:28:49108McGough, KenM•60:6961TEAM BUCKWHEATBethel Park, PA11.61
21.04:52:25103Leazier, PatriciaF•40:4942fast forward racingGreencastle, PA10.67
22.05:07:55110Cramer, CameronM•40:4944 Smyrna, GA10.13
23.05:24:3081Mahony, PatF•40:4947APRR (Atlanta, GA)Atlanta, GA9.61
24.05:24:3089Keith, JonathanM•30:3938APRR (Atlanta, GA)Atlanta, GA9.61
25.06:18:10185Francis, JamesM•50:5951Motor City Blade RunnersDetroit, MI8.25
26.06:35:2448Keith, HustonM•50:5952APRR (Atlanta, GA)Marietta, GA7.89
 DNF146Konskov, MatthewM•18:2927Team DonskovJacksonville, FL0.00
 DNF145Donskov, Michael (Misha)M•30:3931Team DonskovAtlanta, GA0.00
 DNF68Greymont, DavidM•60:6964 Rochester, MN0.00
 DNF70Li, LachengM•40:4943Apex InlineCarmel, IN0.00
 DNF122Mozingo, MiaF•13:1715 Clear Spring, MD0.00

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