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2008 Half Distance - Overall
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27th Annual Athens to Atlanta Road Skate
Sunday, October 5, 2008

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[ AllGenderDivision ]
PlaceTimeRace#Last, First NameDivAgeClub/TeamCity,State/CountryMPH
1.02:29:56176Flores, JesseM•40:4940Team Aloe UpBrooklyn, NY15.21
2.02:35:29153Walsh, JimM•60:6960Precision Inline Rac.(GA)Lawrenceville, GA14.66
3.02:35:29178Tyler, DougM•50:5952Precision Inline Rac.(GA)Roswell, GA14.66
4.02:35:33162Helman, KelseyF•01:1212Fast ForwardWaynesboro, PA14.66
5.02:38:44140Tilley, BrianM•18:2927 Guntersville, AL14.36
6.02:38:51163Nash, MarkM•40:4945Precision Inline Rac.(GA)Lawrenceville, GA14.35
7.02:47:14142Elkin, ThomasM•50:5954Precision Inline Rac.(GA)Kennesaw, GA13.63
8.02:48:3499Wilkes, AlanM•50:5959GT Speed (Cumming, GA)Hurtsboro, AL13.53
9.02:49:42151Roberts, KimF•30:3938Roadskater.netLewisville, NC13.44
9T02:49:42152Harper, AmyF•30:3939Roadskater.netLewisville, NC13.44
11.02:49:5515Patton, DonM•40:4943Team FCA EnduranceClermont, FL13.42
12.02:54:43131Johnson, BrittanyF•13:1714Fast Foward RacingGreencastle, PA13.05
13.02:58:5784Jerome, JohnM•60:6960 Tampa, FL12.74
14.03:07:31132Crovatt-Bagwell, MarlenaF•40:4944Sk8 ColaLexington, SC12.16
14T03:07:31133Bagwell, GaryM•40:4944Sk8 ColaLexington, SC12.16
16.03:09:43111Brown, KenM•40:4941 Deerfield Beach, FL12.02
17.03:14:4374Wood, TheresaF•30:3937 Austin, TX11.71
18.03:14:44134McGuigan, JamesM•30:3938APRR (Atlanta, GA)Stone Mountain, GA11.71
19.03:27:3345Krawczyk, MarkM•30:3938 Tampa, FL10.99
20.03:29:18139Royal, TyrusM•40:4940 Bloomington, IN10.89
21.03:38:5492Stam, RobertM•50:5952 Cumming, GA10.42
22.03:40:0627Hart, BarryM•30:3938APRR (Atlanta, GA)Atlanta, GA10.36
23.03:50:5142Vander Hey, TammyF•40:4944 Gulf Breeze, FL9.88
24.03:52:09165Gillespie, DanielM•50:5958Skate Little RockMabelvale, AR9.82
25.04:01:3971Wright, BobM•60:6961SoBe RollersMiami Beach, FL9.44
26.04:08:0572West, BernadetteF•50:5954SoBe RollersMiami Beach, FL9.19
27.04:37:39177Zuver, AnnaF•13:1714APRR/Froot BootsDecatur, GA8.21
28.04:43:1765Kitler, ReinholdM•70:9970 Virginia Beach, VA8.05
28T04:43:1764Kittler, MarkusM•40:4945 Pierrefonds, Canada8.05
28T04:43:1763Kittler, RalphM•40:4943 Atlanta, GA8.05
31.05:05:06148Takeda, HirotoshiM•30:3938 Little Elm, TX7.47
32.05:44:45144Green, ThiaF•30:3934 Buford, GA6.61
 DNF167Baumgartner, DonnM•40:4948Skate Free or Die!Kingsland, TX0.00
 DNF101Glessner, JohnM•40:4946ohio valley speedKings Mills, OH0.00
 DNF169Huang, JennyF•30:3938 Oakland, CA0.00
 DNF150Pantelakis, MichaelM•18:2918Precision RacingLilburn, GA0.00
 DNS23Eby, PeterM•30:3938RoadRash (Nashville, TN)Seattle, WA0.00
 DNS116Gifford, JayM•50:5953louisville/masterbladersLouisville, KY0.00
 DNS25Widner, JoF•60:6962 Bristol, VA0.00

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