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38th Annual Athens to Atlanta Road Skate

Sunday, October 6, 2019

This 10km (6.2 mile) A2A event was last held in 2007. Note that 10km event results are not merged into the A2A database results pages and cumulative statistics which include only ultramarathon-length road skating events.

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[ AllGenderDivision ]
PlaceTimeRace#Last, First NameDivAgeClub/TeamCity,State/CountryMPH
1.00:17:52189Giraldo, JaimeM•18:2929Junk Wheels NJ Elizabeth, NJ20.82
2.00:17:53147Duque, Juan DavidM•30:3935  Manizales, Ca20.80
3.00:17:54185Fernandez, AdielM•30:3934Empire Speed (New York) Brooklyn, NY20.78
4.00:17:55152Anderson, MathewM•30:3930Rollerblade Marietta, GA20.76
5.00:17:59193Doucet, PeterM•4049 42TISC (Toronto, Canada) Mississauga, ON20.69
6.00:20:30165Wood, TedM•30:3931APRR (Atlanta, GA) Mableton, GA18.15
7.00:21:52150Kofler, TomM•5059 57  Tagelswangen , 17.01
8.00:23:11194Rievaj, MarkM•4049 40  Windermere, BC16.05
9.00:23:35174Delgado, GenesisF•18:2923APRR (Atlanta, GA) Atlanta, GA15.77
10.00:24:39163Wankerl, YvonneF•4049 42Speed Inliner Besilisk Euskirchen , 15.09
11.00:25:03177Crabtree, HoustonM•30:3930APRR (Atlanta, GA) Clarkston, GA14.85
12.00:27:10155Poole, DaveM•4049 47APRR Atlanta, GA13.69
13.00:27:14146McCall II, GeorgeM•5059 55Wheelies 2 Fight Cancer Augusta, GA13.66
14.00:28:16184Lopez, JorgeM•30:3938APRR (Atlanta, GA) Sandy Springs, GA13.16
15.00:28:40180Jennings, TannerM•18:2928  Bogart, GA12.98
16.00:29:24183Matos, RubenM•4049 45APRR (Atlanta, GA) Atlanta, GA12.65
17.00:29:38176Moyer, ValerieF•6069 60APRR (Atlanta, GA) Atlanta, GA12.55
18.00:30:04179Smith, DianaF•30:3933APRR (Atlanta, GA) Atlanta, GA12.37
19.00:30:36190Goldstein, HavaF•18:2925APRR (Atlanta, GA) Odessa, FL12.16
20.00:31:09153Zambrano, ChadM•0112 11HP Speed Clover, SC11.94
21.00:31:11151Murray, JenniferF•4049 40  Crossville, TN11.93
22.00:31:32172Land, CaseyF•30:3939  Tallassee, AL11.80
23.00:32:27173Mendoza, GiovanniM•4049 47Precision Inline Rac.(GA) Alpharetta, GA11.46
24.00:32:29160Andl, GeorgeM•6069 61  Atlanta, GA11.45
25.00:32:31171Mendoza, GiovannaF•18:2920Precision Inline Rac.(GA) Alpharetta, GA11.44
26.00:32:35170Mendoza, GabrielaF•18:2918Precision Inline Rac.(GA) Alpharetta, GA11.42
27.00:36:23175Jafri, HarisM•18:2926APRR (Atlanta, GA) Cumming, GA10.22
28.00:36:42169Blair, RachelF•30:3930The Roller Pals Athens, GA10.14
29.00:36:42168O'Kelley, MorganF•30:3930The Roller Pals Athens, GA10.14
30.00:36:53156Freed, LizaF•18:2923  Atlanta, GA10.09
31.00:37:11167Devore, PamF•30:3932TEAM ROLLER PALS Stone Mountain, GA10.00
32.00:39:30195Holland, GeorgeM•30:3934    , 9.42
33.00:39:44200Raymond, KaitlinF•18:2928  Gibsonton, FL9.36
34.00:41:06162Stevens, AnnaF•30:3931  Atlanta, GA9.05
35.00:44:32166Booher, AshleyF•4049 42The Roller Pals Athens, GA8.35
36.00:44:52164Riley, ArturaF•30:3938  Winterville, GA8.29
37.00:48:54145Bassett, TimM•30:3932  Flowery Branch, GA7.61
38.00:49:36144Bassett, LauraF•30:3931  Flowery Branch, GA7.50
39.00:51:23178Covington, ConniF•4049 43Classic City Roller Girls Athens, GA7.24
40.00:51:40196Montgomery, JenniferF•30:3934  Lawrenceville, GA7.20
41.01:00:57182Brewer, WilliamM•30:3932APRR (Atlanta, GA) Atlanta, GA6.10
42.01:00:58181Brewer, BenjaminM•0112 7    , 6.10
 DNF187Finke, EmilyF•4049 40 Athens, GA-
 DNF197Magill, GeorgeM•7099 73 Sebastian, FL-
 DNF188Miller, SaraF•4049 44Classic City Roller Girls Athens, GA-
 DNF191Pendleton, AngelaF•4049 42Southern Harm Derby Dames Fayetteville, GA-
 DNF198Schulz, NickM•18:2926APRR (Atlanta, GA) Snellville, GA-
 DNF186Stam, RobertM•6069 63 Cumming, GA-
 DNS192Bechtold, EvoneF•30:3930APRR (Atlanta, GA) Lexington, SC-

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