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2023 Half Distance - Overall
Last updated on Saturday, November 11, 2023
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41st Annual Athens to Atlanta Road Skate

Sunday, October 15, 2023

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PlaceTimeRace#Last, First NameDivSkateAgeClub/TeamCity,State/CountryMPH
1.02:26:02224Garcia, DemysM•40:49S 45 Habana Ciudad d, Cuba15.78
2.02:44:37230Weissleder, KyleM•18:29S 29SoberollersOakland Park, FL14.00
3.03:05:24206Gayle, HerbM•60:69S 62Team Hoigaard'sToronto ON, Canada12.43
4.03:17:36215Evans, TannerM•18:29S 28Precision Racing (GA)Gainesville, GA11.66
4T03:17:36216Klein, SterlingM•18:29S 22Precision Racing (GA)Gainesville, GA11.66
4T03:17:36217Barnette, RandyM•30:39S 39Precision Racing (GA)Columbus, GA11.66
7.03:22:51229Wagner, SteveM•50:59S 55Badger State RacingAppleton, WI11.36
8.03:23:10200Grigg, NaomiF•40:49F 44 Edmonds, WA11.34
9.03:31:02205Giuffrida, GregM•40:49F 44 Atlanta, GA10.92
10.03:36:25226Vivas, SolymarF•18:29S 29SobeRollerDuluth, GA10.65
11.03:47:54223Nabors, JohnnieM•30:39S 37 Lawrenceville, GA10.11
12.03:48:10225Marin, MariaM•30:39S 32SoberollersFlorida City Fl, FL10.10
13.03:57:30218Goldstein, HavaF•18:29F 29APRR (Atlanta, GA)Odessa, FL9.70
14.04:04:25208Waynes, ArianaF•40:49S 44SF FNS (San Francisco BayOakland, CA9.43
15.04:30:01209Andl, GeorgeM•60:69F 65 Atlanta, GA8.53
16.04:41:26213Mackey, RyanM•30:39F 34 Burlingame, CA8.19
16T04:41:26214Hung, CarlaF•30:39Q 36Blue Ridge Roller DerbyAsheville, NC8.19
16T04:41:26219Kilgore, KelseyF•30:39Q 33Blue Ridge Roller DerbyAsheville, NC8.19
16T04:41:26220Hedges, BrittanyF•30:39Q 37Blue Ridge Roller DerbyAsheville, NC8.19
16T04:41:26221Burton, RiderF•30:39Q 34BRRDAsheville, NC8.19
16T04:41:26231Stepic, JaimeF•40:49Q 46 Duluth, GA8.19
22.04:52:17211Thoren, CathleenF•50:59Q 50APRR (Atlanta, GA)Atlanta, GA7.88
23.04:57:32227Light, LuxM•30:39S 35The Bulge BoysSimpsonville, SC7.74
24.05:00:32222Mercer, DaleF•40:49Q 47APRR (Atlanta, GA)Decatur, GA7.67
 DNF212Allaire, DavisM•18:29S 19Precision Racing (GA)Gainesville, GA-
 DNF228Bates, NickM•30:39F 35Bulge BoysGreenville, SC-
 DNF232Jaramillo, JuanM•50:59F 53ColombiaRoanoke, VA-
 DNF203Rivera, CesarM•50:59S 50APRR (Atlanta, GA)Cumming, GA-
 DNS85Harwell, BobM•70:99F 79 Indianapolis, IN-
 DNS202Lee, SeongbokM•70:99S 72 Houston, TX-
 DNS207Pacheco, JadeF•30:39F 31Phoenix Skate San FernandPanorama City, CA-
 DNS210Taylor, SusanF•40:49F 44 Blaine, MN-
 DNS204Zhao, XuefengM•40:49S 44 Carmel, IN-


PlaceTimeRace#Last, First NameDivSkateAgeClub/TeamCity,State/CountryMPH
1.04:41:26214Hung, CarlaF•30:39Q 36Blue Ridge Roller DerbyAsheville, NC8.19
1T04:41:26219Kilgore, KelseyF•30:39Q 33Blue Ridge Roller DerbyAsheville, NC8.19
1T04:41:26220Hedges, BrittanyF•30:39Q 37Blue Ridge Roller DerbyAsheville, NC8.19
1T04:41:26221Burton, RiderF•30:39Q 34BRRDAsheville, NC8.19
1T04:41:26231Stepic, JaimeF•40:49Q 46 Duluth, GA8.19
6.04:52:17211Thoren, CathleenF•50:59Q 50APRR (Atlanta, GA)Atlanta, GA7.88
7.05:00:32222Mercer, DaleF•40:49Q 47APRR (Atlanta, GA)Decatur, GA7.67

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Skate Key: F = Recreational / Fitness Skates, S = Speed Skates, Q = Quad Skates, L = Longboard

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