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2016 Half Distance - Overall
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35th Annual Athens to Atlanta Road Skate
Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sponsored by: SDQ

All events started 30 minutes early this year.

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[ AllGenderDivision ]
PlaceTimeRace#Last, First NameDivAgeClub/TeamCity,State/CountryMPH
1.02:22:4361Trosen, TavisM•30:3935SK8HARDMinot, ND15.98
2.02:23:3411Tilley, BrianM•30:3935Insanity Complex Speed TeMadison, AL15.88
3.02:23:3646Wong, CandyF•40:4940Asphalt BeachRichmond Hill O, Canada15.88
4.02:30:19103Kameka, DesmondM•50:5958TRUREVDavie, FL15.17
5.02:36:5912Griffin, LarryM•60:6967Asphalt BeachWadsworth, OH14.52
6.02:37:0472Heinisch, AngelaF•13:1717VFR Bttgen 1912 e.V. SpeeLilburn, GA14.52
7.02:37:0571Funes, NicolasM•30:3932DFW INLINE SKATEIrving, TX14.51
8.02:52:5578George, KalebM•08:1212Southern Speed Club (FL)Cataula, GA13.19
9.03:12:54108Blooming, ThomasM•40:4946APRRSmyrna, GA11.82
9t03:12:5455Minder, BrentM•40:4949 Alpharetta, GA11.82
11.03:16:2973Wysochanski, MichaelM•40:4943Triangle Skating Club(NC)Raleigh, NC11.60
12.03:23:4324Keith, JonathanM•40:4946APRRAtlanta, GA11.19
12t03:23:4374Poole, DavidM•40:4944APRR (Atlanta, GA)Atlanta, GA11.19
14.03:26:3367Sharma, ParthM•13:1714SDQ, Brentwood, TNBrentwood, TN11.04
15.03:46:0269Frau, JessicaF•30:3939APRR (Atlanta, GA)Atlanta, GA10.09
16.03:46:0781Pineyro, JorgeM•30:3934APRR (Atlanta, GA)Atlanta, GA10.08
17.03:47:2482Kraan, Kimberly SimonsF•50:5956SKATENOWSalt Lake City, UT10.03
18.03:47:354Harwell, BobM•70:9972Aphalt BeachIndianapolis, IN10.02
19.03:47:585Moucha, RalucaF•40:4949 Garland, TX10.00
20.03:48:4496Pond, HarrisonM•13:1714Sprinters Speed ClubMurfreesboro, TN9.97
21.03:51:5738Catelotti, MarkM•30:3938GatorBlangMarietta, GA9.83
22.03:52:0313Price, MargaretF•40:4947APRRDecatur, GA9.83
23.03:52:08105Weinberg, NaomiF•30:3933 Boca Raton, FL9.82
24.03:59:3388Rector, TristynF•13:1713Precision Inline Rac.(GA)Columbus, GA9.52
25.03:59:3490Beach, ArianaF•08:1211Precision Inline Rac.(GA)Fort Benning, GA9.52
 DNF54Lee, CandiceF•18:2919 Norcross, GA0.00
 DNF92Oneid, MicheleF•40:4947 Palm Beach Gard, FL0.00
 DNF115Oneid, PierreM•50:5957 Palm Beach Gard, FL0.00
 DNF8Stam, RobertM•60:6960 Cumming, GA0.00
 DNF117Traynor, CalebM•18:2925Insanity Complex Speed TmGuntersville, AL0.00

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